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Recently, a news story has made headlines, leading iran's top general suleymani was \"decapitated\" by the u. s.and died. As soon as the news came out, it was hotly debated, and some said it was \"the sarajevo incident in the middle east,\" as it put it, now that the middle east has become a powder keg, a little bit of mars could provoke a war.


For iran, the death of mr suleymani is intolerable, a man of high standing in iran, known as the iranian spy king, who has roamed the middle east and is one of the representatives of iranian hardliners. Immediately after Iran learns of this, it will retaliate.


Many media began to speculate about the prime target of Iranian retaliation. It has emerged that iran may strike at israel, which has historically been a bitter enemy, and israel, a staunch american ally in the middle east.


If Iran attacked Israel, it would have the effect of exporting evil and retaliating against the United States. Moreover, Iran has its own support for armed groups in Syria and Gaza, which is highly conducive to launching surprise attacks. In addition, iran's missile technology cannot be underestimated, after nato believes that iran has the ability to launch 20,000 missiles in a day, in the face of such a strike capacity, the small israel may be \"wiped out\" within a day.


In addition to israel, there have been plenty of media speculation that iran's attack could be on saudi arabia's oil equipment, and that fighting saudi arabia would be easy for iran, which has been developing missile technology, regardless of the level of missile technology or the number of missiles, which is world-wide. If iran launches a missile strike, even with the help of american anti-missile systems, saudi arabia will find it hard to keep oil equipment.


Russian media also said that Iran still holds the card, that is the Strait of Hormuz. For Iran, once the situation is out of control, then Iran can directly block the Strait of Hormuz and cut off commercial routes as a way to suppress the oil trade of US allies.


For now, however, the situation has not grown to this extent, and if iran does seal the strait it would certainly amount to a declaration of war, so the previous iranian military exercises were only in the gulf of oman to deal with tensions. Currently, the likelihood of a full-scale war between the two sides is not high, more likely to play in the region.


After all, Iran has a lot of cards in its hands. All kinds of armed groups, enough missile technology, and the dominant position in the Strait of Hormuz are all Iranian cards. It is precisely because of this that the US is not prepared to engage in an all-out conflict with Iran. After all, it is the year of elections, and if the iranian war causes economic losses and casualties, it will have an incalculable impact on its election.


However, it is clear that it is no longer the u. s.who decides what is going on in the middle east is iran, and the extent of the iranian retaliation will have a direct impact on the world. Therefore, it is important to be angry, but this degree of Iran should also be grasped.